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『根據香港法律,不得在業務過程中,向未成年人售賣或供應令人醺醉的酒類 。』 “Under the law of Hong Kong, intoxicating liquor must not be sold or supplied to a minor in the course of business.”

NIP 無名氏 Craft Gin - 50cl/43%

    NIP 無名氏 Craft Gin - 50cl/43%

    $480.00 HKD

    N.I.P(無名氏)品牌的創立代表了我們心中香港精神的基礎。由兩名「無名氏」(“Not Important Persons”) ,Nick 和 Jeremy 創建代表著他們堅信的一種價值觀。只要有一個堅毅的信念,任何人也可以 追隨他們的熱情去實現自己的夢想,縱使你身處一個像香港這種追隨規範心態較為主流的地方。這也正 是我們無名氏始創人的故事,雖然只有平凡的背景,他們為了自己的熱情和夢想展開了新一頁的挑戰和 旅程,結果創造了第一支真正屬於香港的氈酒。採用了傳統氈酒的蒸餾技巧,這瓶百分百在本地釀做的 氈酒包含了兩名無名氏對氈酒的哲學並融合了香港的傳統和味道,是一瓶充分表現出香港精神的本地出 品。

    The brand N.I.P is designed to emphasize on our interpretation of what “Hong Kong spirit” is all about. Created by our two “Not-Important-Persons”, Nic & Jeremy, N.I.P. represents a value that they firmly believe in. Through grit, belief and persistence, anyone can achieve their dreams and passion as long as one is willing to take that leap of faith, even in a place like Hong Kong where a conforming mindset dominates. This also lays the background for the story of our founders, who came from humble backgrounds, setting out to pursue their passion in creating a first true Hong Kong spirit - their own interpretation of a gin that is truly made in Hong Kong, which integrates the flavours and heritage of the city with traditional techniques of gin distillation.


    N.I.P(無名氏)氈酒的第一口香氣會立即讓人想起一股熟悉 的味道。這種獨特、甜而香的氣息源自於桂花,帶給品酒人 一股令人心動的第一印象。隨著桂花的幽香就是黃金梨的清 香和淡淡的茶香。我們想藉著這些令人有深刻印象的香氣勾 起品酒人更想細嚐本氈酒的興趣。

    在舌尖上,N.I.P(無名氏)氈酒是一款充滿複雜性但不失平衡的一款氈酒,不但具備傳統氈酒的特 色,而且充溢著獨特的香港風味。N.I.P(無名氏)氈酒入口一開始的味道便是氈酒不可缺少的杜松子 之香氣和甜味,以及檸檬,西柚和黃金梨的清香,給人一種清爽和舒服的感覺。隨著氈酒在舌頭上的 穿梭,茶、陳皮、生薑的香氣也會慢慢地浮現,提升氈酒的口感和飽和性。最後,其他香料所帶出的 溫和性給氈酒提供一個悠長和複雜的結尾,為品酒人帶來豐富的感官享受。

    By combining these botanicals, the N.I.P. gin captures the essence of the classic dry gin as well as flavours of Hong Kong.

    Upon nosing the N.I.P gin, a familiar smell will immediately come to mind. This particular aroma is unique, sweet and fragrant, which comes from the osmanthus that we use to create a welcoming first impression. Following this opening comes the refreshing scent of pear and soothing fragrance of tea. Overall, we wanted to create a welcoming and soothing yet intriguing aroma that will draw the immediate interest of our audience before tasting our gin.

    On the palate, the N.I.P gin is a complex but well-balanced spirit that offers characteristics of a traditional dry gin complemented with some distinct Hong Kong flavours. The gin is sweet and juniper forward to begin with, followed by refreshing flavours of lemon, grapefruit and pear. Upon further swirling on the tongue, more delicate and subtle fragrances and flavours from the tea, aged tangerine peel and ginger will begin to surface, which combines to elevate the initial profile upon first sip. The finish is graceful with touches of warmer spices rounding off a long, soothing and complex palate that provides plenty of flavours and sensations for the audience to explore.