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『根據香港法律,不得在業務過程中,向未成年人售賣或供應令人醺醉的酒類 。』 “Under the law of Hong Kong, intoxicating liquor must not be sold or supplied to a minor in the course of business.” is a well known whisky blog for giving out neutrality review and score. Unlike other whisky blogger, high score in are incredibly hard to get. Score between 85-90 is already an excellent drams and there are only few bottles which can get a 90+ score.

They also invent a system called SGP to represent a whisky’s aromatic profile.

"Any malt’s SGP is expressed using only 3 figures, each ranging from 0 (minimum) to 9 (maximum):
S for the Sweet/Fruity scale (honey, fruits, candy, raisins, vanilla, flowers...)
G for the Grainy/Grassy scale (porridge, yeast, grass, malt, wax, beer...)
P for the Phenolic/Smoky scale (farm, peat, sea, tar, spices, liquorice, meat...)
Of course any dedicated whisky freak will notice that we grouped aromas and flavours that shouldn't really be in the same clusters (such as peat and meat, or porridge and grass) and immediately feel the need to subdivide these three simplistic scales into dozens of subscales but I thought it was better to have a simple system that works rather than a huge labyrinthine system that we’ll never manage to handle properly since what we always lack is time (no, not whisky).
With this SGP system, plain water would get an SGP of 000 whilst a careful vatting of young cask strength Ardbeg, Macallan and, say Clynelish would possibly get an SGP of 999. "

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Lagavulin 16YO - 70cl/43%

$650.00 HKD

Talisker 10YO - 70cl/45.8%

$450.00 HKD$550.00 HKD

Kilkerran 12YO - 70cl/46%

$550.00 HKD

Caol Ila 12YO - 70cl/43%

$480.00 HKD$650.00 HKD

Ardbeg Uigeadail - 70cl/54.2%

$750.00 HKD$880.00 HKD

Oban 14YO - 70cl/43%

$600.00 HKD$780.00 HKD

Glendronach 21YO Parliament - 70cl/48%

$1,480.00 HKD

Highland Park 18YO - 70cl/40%

$1,080.00 HKD

Talisker 18YO - 70cl/45.8%

$1,080.00 HKD$1,180.00 HKD